Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review of Cora Flash by Tommy Davey

Cora Flash is a curious and witty eleven-year-old girl, who in the first book of the series, Cora Flash and the Diamond of Madagascar, must solve the mystery of the missing gem. Despite her age, Cora doesn’t rely on anyone else to give her answers—she seeks them out herself, and in doing so, makes friends for life, such as Abby, a college-age girl who is a whiz at research and a fantastic friend, and Calvin, a silly puppy who will do anything to keep Cora safe and help her solve mysteries.

In the first novel, Cora is on the way to visit her uncle Andre in the town of Topaz Mountain. She’s on her first train ride alone when the diamond goes missing from another passenger’s luggage, and from there, it’s nothing but Cora trying to figure out what happened and why. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but if you’re looking for a book to enjoy with your young ones, think Cora Flash! She’s the next Nancy Drew, the new Boxcar Child, and in league with the best mystery-solving children to date!

The second novel, Cora Flash and the Mystery at Topaz Mountain, picks up after the first, so the sense of continuity is strong. Personally, I hope to see this continue with the rest of the series. At Topaz Mountain and her uncle’s hotel, a ghost is causing problems! Meanwhile, a nasty man is trying to buy out Uncle Andre’s land so he can build a strip mall and super highway. Even with the help of Abby and Calvin, can Cora save her family’s hotel and keep her uncle from selling? Who the heck is this ghost anyway? And how many flavors of ice cream can Cora really love before she gets tired of weird flavors, like popcorn and s’mores?

I rate the Cora Flash series five stars. Why? Because it’s fantastic, fun to read, and keeps everyone interested. Your children will love it, and even if you don’t have kids (like me), you’ll enjoy Cora’s loving character and how responsible she is.

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About the author: Tommy Davey spent his youth writing mystery stories and plays, and watching reruns of Three's Company until every line of dialogue was permanently burned into his memory. When not writing, he enjoys traveling to favorite destinations including New York City and Paris, which he plans to feature in future stories. He lives in Toronto, where he was born and raised, with a Norfolk Terrier named Calvin. "Cora Flash and the Diamond of Madagascar" is his first novel. Connect with Tommy on his website, Facebook, Twitter, or GoodReads.

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