Monday, November 15, 2010

Inrugia Website!

Hey all!

Just a quick update! I've finally managed to get hold of a domain for the Website! You can visit it at:

Also, am 15,000 words into "Resonance," and am debating how I want to work with "The Forest Isle." Should be an interesting project.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Book

The book I am working on seems to be going well. The mental drafting phase is over, so now I am just trying to get into the first draft. The book itself is about an ekra (the blue creature on the right). I'm still working out the kinks, mostly because it's going to be an 80,000 word book for YA and I am still unsure how well everything will flow. It's the first romance I have written in a very long time, but it should be fun.

Also, I am working on a website for the book. Once that's up, I'll be able to be a little more free with describing the actual characters, creatures, plots, and so on. It would be interesting to hear the feedback of visitors.

For now that's all. Tomorrow I'll try to have something literary posted--mainly some examinations of theory.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kar Kie Mordum; Opening Blog

This is my first blog in a long time. Mostly I will just be putting updates on my book(s) and life here--I do not plan to go into too much detail. For now, though, I will post something so that this does not look so bland. Below is a detailed, albeit old, essay on a religion from my work. It is not at all interesting, but at least it's something.

The characters you see on either side of the screen are Marik, Clei, and Eti. Marik is alone on the left, Clei and Eti are on the right.



In the year 197:3 Anice, Yakob and his brother Lothar were stranded in the Brinous Desert.* Chased by sand-demons, they were seperated. Yakob was taken in by a small settlement of the Tallests, who eventually helped him to get to Jirmil. At that time, Jirmil was a small andgel outpost on the north edge of the Brinous. With Yakob, heir to the Anice throne safe, the search began for Lothar.

Lothar, who had always been jealous of his meek brothers' destiny to take the throne, didn't return home. Rather, he made his way to the south end of the desert. This was quite a trek for an angel without flight.**

It was not until 198:3 that Lothar came across the prophet of the Kar Kie Mordum, a Makuri female. She instructed him in her ways, explaining to him the need to spread her word to others of his kind. This Makuri is known later as Minnie. It is said the Hall of Mordum was errected in the valley where Lothar spoke with her. As the years passed, Lothar worked to spread the new religion to other cities. Jirmil, the closest angel settlement, was the first one converted and struck. A number of priests were converted and joined the Hall to live a life devoted to the Mordum.

In the year 3:4 Anice, Madir and the angel realm, now under the rule of Yakob Anice, Lothar began violently converting those who refused their religion. As an example, he took a number of resisting angels from Jirmil. With the help of another Makuri, one humans know as Satan, he transfromed them into the demon dogs, Arliquay. Their wings, hands, and feet were removed in painful torturous methods. Experiments were done on them, and eventually, they ceased to resemble any sort of angel. They were let loose on the other resisting angels.

Yakob, hearing of this, went south to find out what exactly was happening. The reports were unclear at first--he was only told of droves of demons running through the streets of Jirmil, not of their origin. When he came into Jirmil, he and his army chased the Arliquay out into the desert. Determined to find the source of the problem, Yakob followed them.

The Tallests came to his aid and helped him make the trecherous crossing. Once on the other side, however, they refused to go any further. Yakob trudged on alone.

At long last, he came to the Hall of Mordum. It was a pristine building, gilded in silver and gold. From a high tower of white marble hung an enormous silver bell. On it was the sign of the Mordum. Once inside the gates, Yakob came to find himself before the preists and monks of the Mordum. They took him to the Kar Kie, or leader.

Expecting to see some old monk, Yakob entered the chapel. However, he instead came to face his brother. Lothar Anice was the first Kar Kie of the Mordum.

Yakob spoke with his brother, to find out why he was attacking others of his kind. When posed with this question, Lothar retorted with all of the hate that had been building up during the last few years. He spoke of how Yakob was not meant to be king, how he should have relinquished the throne instead to him. Lothar's hate brought on a swordfight. The Arliquay were let loose on Yakob, and he was forced to his knees before his brother.

Though Yakob was a young king, a worthy king, he died at the feet of his brother in the Hall of Mordum.

Thinking he'd won his right to the throne, Lothar returned to Madir. When he came into the city and proclaimed his brothers' death to the people, he was confronted with his nephew, Carlose II. Carlose was very young, but his mother was wise and claimed regency. Lothar was banished and returned once more to the Hall of Mordum, where he planned his next attack on Madir.

Unfortunately, an uprising amongst the two Makuri who had come forth during the time of the Mordum ended in Lothar's untimely demise. Both Makuri saught power over the Mordum and its many followers. In their struggle for power, the Mordum was almost completely obliterated.

It took six other Kar Kie to bring the Mordum back, though it was never at the same height it had been at under Lothar Anice.

Today, the Mordum struggles to remain an influence on the angel people. It is slowly becoming very popular in the city of Drust, and Jacob Anice, descendant of Yakob Anice, eventually becomes the eighth and final Kar Kie.

As many of the holy texts in the Mordum are written in an early form of Latin, it is believed the Kar Kie Mordum is a predicesor to many Latin-based Earth religions.

Reading the Star

The star, signant, of the Kar Kie Mordum is the holy sign of the Mordum. It is made up of three circles and six points. The two outtermost circles represent the earthly sphere. The six points inside of the sphere are representative of the six parts of God:

The topmost point is the Power of God.
Clockwise is the point which represents Gods' Emotions, or the Empathy of God.
Next is the Wisdom of God.
The center bottom point is the Judgement of God.
Then is the Weakness of God, or Pity of God.
Finally is the Faith of God.

All six points are found on the angel body. The Power of God is found in the head, the Empathy of God in the left hand and arm, the Wisdom of God in the left foot and leg. Continuously, the Judgement of God is found in the angels' wings, Gods' Weakness is in the right foot and leg, and Faith is found in the right arm and hand.

The characters on the star are from the angel tongue, Beokaye.

Power of God is kah, and its opposite, the Judgement of God, is ah.

Faith of God is oo. Its opposite is yu, which is on the Empathy of God.

Weakness of God is ie (short "e" or "i"), and the Wisdom of God is ee (long "e").

The six points of the star are made of up three diamonds. In the center of these three diamonds is the third circle. This third circles represents the immortailty of an angel, its spirit. As you can see, the cycle continues within the third circle as another of the stars is seen inside of it.

* 197th year of the reign of Carlose Anice I, the third Anice ruler on the mainland (hence the 3).
** Initially, angels did not have flight. They gained it during Marcos Anice's reign some 5 generations later. Do not confuse my angels with heavenly angels of the Bible.